Would you buy a gaming console from Apple?

Outright Geekery

Simple answer: no. However, taking into thought what Apple could do with gaming focused hardware is interesting. They are nearly halfway there and have a strong foundation, in concept at least. Let me be clear that I am not talking about Apple’s previous attempt many generations before.

Apple does about six things (give or take) with significant market share and success.

  1. Smart phones
  2. Music devices
  3. Computers
  4. Software / operating systems
  5. Internet connectivity / online presence / marketplaces …
  6. Simplicity

When you combine the focus on their hardware, software and simplicity aspects, Apple could have a decent competitor in the entertainment market. You can already stream your games from your iOS device to the Apple TV, so technically Apple really doesn’t have to do much more.

Other questions do pop-up … like who would support this? Indie developers would probably be keen on the idea, given that the App Store is…

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