Let’s make cancer easier

Let’s make cancer easier

For anyone following, Hoodie Weather is currently trying to raise money for 2 projects:

1. Barbara’s cancer treatments and other bills. Hoodie Weather’s Editor and Developer, Nicole, has been trying to help her mother battle 2 types of cancer over the last year. Barbara is 42 years old, and found out she had lung cancer within 6 months of burying her mother after she lost her own battle to cancer. During radiation/chemo treatments, Barbara’s doctors discovered that she had breast cancer. Unfortunately, the high costs of cancer kept Barbara going to work at an auto part store every day. After being hospitalized due to pneumonia, Barbara’s doctors finally said “If you keep exerting yourself, you will die.” So in an effort to get healthy so she can proceed with surgery to remove the lumps in both breasts and complete another round of chemo, she applied and was approved for short term disability. However, she still isn’t making enough money to cover all over medical bills, rent, and utilities. So Hoodie Weather decided to help and made 2 separate donation accounts: Life Unexpected and Cancer Treatment Fund. We’re just trying to do what we can to help her become a cancer survivor. If you have a spare dollar or 2, please go donate. You can also contribute to us directly through PayPal

2. Hoodie Weather: We’d like to turn this free blog into a full website with multiple content creators; however, any contributions are being forward to getting Barbara through cancer. Once her treatment is done, you might see more of us asking for your money to make this thing as big as it is in our heads.

Whether or not you are able to donate, please reblog and help spread the word!


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